Oru Chemabneer Pooviruthu ….


(Lyrics with English Translation)

Movie: Sthithi
Words together by: Prabha Varma ( a poem made into a film song)
A composition of: Unni Menon
Song brought to life by: Unni Menon

One of the most heart touching romantic songs Malayalam movie industry have been blessed with.

This kind of love would have been more applicable in the olden times where expression of love and care was not considered a strong point for a man. But still his heart ached for his love, and his love knew that she was always in his heart and his thoughts.

Oru Chembaneer Pooviruthu njanomale
Oru vela nin nerkku neettiyilla
Enkilum engane nee arinju
Ente chembaneer pookkunnathaay ninakkaay
Sungandam parathunnathaay ninakkaay
Parayoo nee parayoo parayoo nee parayoo
(oru chembaneer)

Never did I extend the rose I plucked towards you
But still, how did you know, my dear, that I all my…

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Manthukkan Maasilan Aathal

Tamil words and Origins

Kural 34:

மனத்துக்கண் மாசிலன் ஆதல் அனைத்தறன்
ஆகுல நீர பிற

மனத்துக்கண் – What we take through our minds.

மாசிலன் ஆதல் – Become clean.

அனைத்தறன் ஆகுல – Everything comes good from inside.

நீர பிற – Cleansing out.

Meaning: If what we take through our minds becomes clean, Everything comes  good inside, cleansing the unwanted.

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